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Aljaž Ferjančič  – Альяж Ферьянчич – Slovenia –  Словения

Aljaž Ferjančič is a master of law from Slovenia. He devoted his studies to the specialization of international law. He graduated from the Russian Constitutional History, and obtained a master’s degree from the international legal situation in the Crimea.

Already during his studies, he started volunteer work in a family business dealing with food trade and business consulting in domestic and international region. At the same time, he began to improve his knowledge from the study in cooperation with the Regional Development Agency of the North Primorska region. His work was focused on Eastern markets (CIS countries, Near and Far east). Aljaž has also become a link between the region and state, international, governmental and non-governmental institutions. Several projects were carried out in the field of international tourism, economic delegations from the Russian Federation and China, investment fairs, the first investment of Azerbaijan in Slovenia, other specialized international legal projects.

After finished a master’s degree study, he started working as an independent business and legal advisor. He coordinates several public and private projects, which are linked to the search for foreign investors, promotion and development of tourism, helping companies to enter in foreign markets and solving international lawsuits. The company of Aljaž Ferjančič also operates in other areas such as: aviation industry, car industry, food industry, sale of dual-use goods, etc.

As partner of Bar “Voytsekhovsky and Partners” covering our work in Slovenia, European and Balkan countries.

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